Every Thursday night at 7:30pm at Thousand Islands Baptist Church (TIBC), a group of young adults (grade 12 and older) get together to worship, study God’s Word, eat food, hang out, and get to know one another.

If you are the age of a young adult and are wanting a place to relax and learn more about God and His Word with people your age, then come out on Thursday nights!

At TIBC, we want to disciple all ages, and that includes you who are in young adults! We strive to have a community that is open, caring, and loving, and we want YOU to be a part of that community!

We also go out for food after our study sometimes too!

The schedule each week is as follows:

7:20pm - Arrival and Chill With Snacks

7:30pm - Musical Worship

7:40pm - Get to Know One Another

7:50pm - Sermon/Bible Study

8:30pm - Discussion of Sermon/Bible Study

8:50pm - Prayer Time

9:00pm - Hangout at Kelsey’s/McD’s/Billy K’s/Etc.

Hope you can make it! See you soon! Bring a friend!

Open to All, come and check us out!
Contact the church office for more details
Online Here or by calling: 613-342-9552